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Mark Loucas Specialist IT and Payments Recruiter :: testimonials :: London Recruitment


A selection of some of the clients we work with and the things they have to say about our service.

"The requirements were indeed tough, looking for testing specialists with specific transaction flow / ISO 8583 experience. The requirements were originally put to 7 agencies on Visa’s PSL, with no success. I was introduced to ML, who have become incremental to our recruitment process with regards to the standard of candidates sent, and are the benchmark for standards of service for all the other agencies on our PSL."
Resource Manager - Visa EU

"As we both know the requirements we gave you and the timelines you had to meet were both very tough. Nevertheless you have brilliantly accomplished this task and contributed a lot to the success of the project. Your expertise in the EFT industry and experience in hiring professionals for this field are outstanding. I look forward to continuing this partnership."
Resource Manager - Euronet Worldwide

"It is always difficult changing from a permanent employee to the world of contracting. I am now on my third successive contract placement. It's rare to have dealings in any business with this sort of commitment and care."
James Broadbent - Contractor

"For my current contract I had a call from ML early in the morning, interview that same afternoon and had the role by dinner! It was most impressive. The most competent recruiter I have come across in 24 years of contracting."
Mike Crawshaw - Contractor