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Unlock Your Career Opportunities in Payments and Banking.

At our Mark Loucas, we are a Fintech recruitment company that specialises in connecting top talent with pioneering opportunities in the payments and banking sector.

Unlike traditional Fintech recruitment agencies, we can provide you with access to a vast network of Fintech employers, offering you a significant head start in securing both permanent and temporary Fintech recruitment jobs.

Team of Fintech headhunters

Our team of Fintech headhunters is composed of finance industry veterans with extensive experience in the financial sector – mainly focused on payments and banking.

We also have decades of experience that ensure that we understand the nuances and dynamics of the Fintech industry thoroughly.

Consequently, by partnering with us, you will gain access to a breadth of employers and potential roles that are rarely advertised publicly.

Personalised Approach to Recruitment

Our personalised approach and comprehensive understanding of our client’s businesses position us uniquely to match you with the ideal opportunity that resonates with your skills and career aspirations.

Why Choose Us As Your Fintech Recruitment Agency?

There are many reasons to choose us. For instance:

Understand Your Ambitions

We begin by conducting a detailed analysis of your professional needs, aspirations, and the cultural fit you are looking for. This enables us to tailor our Fintech recruitment strategy to perfectly align with your personal career goals and find you the best fit.

Candidate Sourcing Through Top Fintech Recruiting Firms

Utilising our expansive network, we can find opportunities that match your qualifications precisely.

As a top Fintech recruiter with a rich database of professionals across various financial disciplines, we will find the perfect fit for you.

Rigorous Screening Process

Our screening process also sets us apart from other Fintech Recruiting Firms.

For instance, our screening processes involve:

  • – Comprehensive skill assessments
  • – Behavioural interviews
  • – Detailed background checks

All of which ensure that we connect you with roles where you can not only succeed but thrive.

Firsthand Financial Sector Experience

When it comes to our recruiters, they bring firsthand financial experience with them, which will provide you with essential information into the qualifications that our top employers are currently looking for.

Furthermore, we also look to prioritise only quality candidates over quantity, putting forward only the most fitting opportunities to our clients – thus simplifying their decision-making process about you.

What sets Our Fintech recruitment firm apart from others?

Our Fintech Recruitment firm distinguishes itself through a unique combination of industry-specific expertise combined with personalised service.

Unlike broader recruiting agencies, we specialise solely in the Fintech sector, enabling us to offer you deeper access to exclusive opportunities that aren’t available elsewhere.

Our team, for instance, consists of former Fintech professionals. As a result, they use their first hand industry experience to understand the needs of both the client and the candidate perfectly to find the perfect match for both parties.

This expertise then allows us to effectively match our candidates with the correct positions, prioritising quality.

How do we source candidates for our Fintech positions?

When it comes to candidate selection we source through a blend of traditional and modern methods which we have tailored to the Fintech sector.

This includes for instance tapping into our extensive network of industry contacts and as well as participating at Fintech conferences to build out our network.

Additionally, we maintain an active presence in attracting top talent looking for career advancement in Fintech as well.

This more proactive approach ensures that we engage with not just active job seekers but also passive candidates who may not currently be actively looking – but are open to compelling opportunities that come along.

What types of Fintech roles do you recruit for?

We recruit for a wide range of Fintech roles spanning from entry-level positions to senior executive posts.

Our recruitment expertise covers areas such as:

  • – Payments
  • – Banking technology
  • – Cryptocurrencies
  • – Blockchain
  • – Risk management
  • – Compliance
  • – Fintech software development and more

So, whether you are seeking a career in an innovative startup or you are an established financial institution looking to expand your Fintech capabilities, our specialised recruiters are well-equipped to place you in or find you the perfect role that aligns with your professional aspirations and skills.

What is the typical recruitment timeline for a fintech position?

The Fintech recruitment timeline can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the position and the specifics of the client’s requirements.

Generally, the process from initial contact to job offer takes 4-8 weeks for most fintech roles.

This timeline includes candidate sourcing, initial assessments, interviews, and final negotiations.

We also strive to maintain a balance between thoroughness and efficiency, ensuring that all parties are satisfied with the match without unnecessary delays.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of the job search process?

We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality throughout the recruitment process.

For instance, our candidate details are only shared with potential employers after explicit consent, and we utilise secure systems to manage personal information.

Our consultants are also trained in data protection regulations and commit to strict privacy protocols, ensuring that your job search remains confidential and that your current employment is not jeopardised – you do not need to worry.

So, Are You Ready to Advance Your Career with a Leading Fintech Recruitment Agency?

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and discover how we can help you unlock your full potential in the dynamic world of Fintech today.

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